The ash trees provide nourishment for the larva of the Emerald Ash Borer, thereby killing the ash tree. The Emerald Easel honors the trees as a beautifully simplistic instrument to help nourish the minds of our children. Construction would be of ash plies, bent and laminated. A strategic cut-out in each piece would allow the base piece to slide into the seat piece and form the structure.
Though the Emerald Easel could easily fit into any family home, the intent is for museum or institutional use. While visiting a museum, children can easily grab an Emerald Easel and situate themselves in front of their favorite statue or painting for inspiration. Museums will benefit from the simplicity of the design; from construction to maintenance to nesting/stacking for storage.

Brian Velocci has been maker all his life, but Architecture and design is a second career for him. He is in the M-arch program and keeps a small arsenal of woodworking equipment his my garage, including a CNC, just in case.