The video-installation piece, Time by Stills, focuses on time, femininity, and its delicate and fragile connection with nature. These themes are intertwined in this video collage by exemplifying the female body, with symbolic focus on fertility and motherhood, as well as their relationship with nature by enveloping one’s self in it. Historically, nature and the female body have gone hand in hand in literature, art and figures of speech. By visually combining these, the artist aims to amplify their significant connection.

Gergana Gocheva is a Bulgarian-born designer and visual artist. By juxtaposing her European style and local influences she has built an expansive portfolio showcasing a unique viewpoint, centered around her passion for data-driven, inclusive and human-centered design. Gergana’s art practice is an outpour of emotions that find their expressions in a variety of media, scale and techniques. Her work is a blend of digital and film photography, small-scale sculptures, site-specific installations, video, light, and painting with unconventional tools. The focus of her work is often self-exploration done through discussing subjects such as discrimination, stereotypes, gender norms, relationships, solitude, discomfort, mental health, and other existential matters.